Deep Tissue or Sports Massage: Which one do you really want?

You may find yourself asking for a specific type of massage, but it may not be the one you really want.

Many people are referred to my because they are in pain.  They no longer want to be in pain so they are seeking out alternative therapies to pain killers and just "dealing with it."  When they call, they often use a common buzz word associated with pain relief...Sports Massage.

The common association with Sports Massage is one of pain relief or deep tissue massage.  At my practice in the Orlando area, I provide Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage and several other specific types of massage.  Each one has a completely different effect on the body.

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Garbage Day: The greatest day of the week!

If you're older than 5, you may not get excited over garbage day anymore.

My 4 year old thinks its almost as good as Christmas.  And it comes every week!

I happen to enjoy garbage day for the simple fact all my old, used, dirty, smelly trash magically disappears.  My garage takes on a bearable smell for a few days and there's a feeling of starting fresh.  No more trash, everything in the house is clean.  It feels good.

What on earth does this have to do with massage?

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Deep Tissue Massage: More than just pressure

One of the most common misconceptions about Deep Tissue Massage is it's all about PRESSURE.

Many people think only a Strong, Male Massage Therapist can provide a really good deep tissue massage.  As a strong, male massage therapist this greatly improves the amount of clients I see.

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