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Whenever I'm in training my body hurts constantly.  If it wasn't for Michael I don't know how I would compete.  He beats me up...in a good way

-Tom, Winter Garden & Italy


I've had chronic pain for years from my military career.  After regular medicine didn't work I started trying alternative approaches.  Everything from energy healing, acupuncture, feldenkrais method, graston and massage.  All of them helped a little over the years.  Finally I found Trigger Point Therapy and my life has changed!  I came to Florida to get out of the cold for the summer.  I decided to try out Mike because he did trigger point therapy.  It was amazing!  I was sore at first, but after a few sessions I really began noticing the changes.  I could move easier and the pain was slowly going away and staying away.  I made a lot of progress of the 3 months I was here.  I can't wait to come back next summer!

-Scott, Deland & Canada

Michael does an amazing job!  We have him to our house once a week for myself and my husband.  We're not the most athletic, but we needed someone that can really get through those tough spots.  We tried Michael out and never looked back.  Soooo Good!

-Heather, Orlando


Nobody works the neck like Mike!  I have chronic neck pain from an old injury.  Everytime I see Mike it amazes me how detailed and specific he can get.  We spend an hour on my neck and I feel amazing afterwards!

-Joe, Orlando


I've been a gymnast for 30 years.  I started in Ukraine and now work for the Circus.  I've had thousands of massages and Michael is one of the best!  He's got good hands.

Valeriy, Orlando, Ukraine

Man, I love having a Mike Massage the day before a game.  Always feel loose, feel good, feel ready to go after a Mike Massage.

-Marlon, Orlando


I get an hour and a half to two hour massage everytime.  Mike can really get specific in my back and neck area, I love it!  I've been getting massages for a long time and haven't found anyone as knowledgeable and personable as Mike.

-Veronica, Orlando


I have Michael out to massage my 12 year old daughter about once a month.  She's an elite level gymnast and really puts a strain on her body.  My daughter says the massages really help and I have to agree.  After Michael comes here, she hardly has any complaints for at least a week.  He's also very professional and makes sure my daughter feels completely comfortable throughout the massage.

Kim, Orlando