Garbage Day: The greatest day of the week!

If you're older than 5, you may not get excited over garbage day anymore.

My 4 year old thinks its almost as good as Christmas.  And it comes every week!

I happen to enjoy garbage day for the simple fact all my old, used, dirty, smelly trash magically disappears.  My garage takes on a bearable smell for a few days and there's a feeling of starting fresh.  No more trash, everything in the house is clean.  It feels good.

What on earth does this have to do with massage?

What a wonderful question you ask.  It has everything to do with massage and getting rid of old, stinky trash.  This isn't the type of trash you take to the curb, oh no.  This is the type of trash your body creates day in and day out.  When you sit at your desk all day, or pull a muscle playing softball.  When you go on a extra long bike read, or hold your child for hours when they're upset.

Your body is under constant abuse and in the process of all this abuse, it accumulates a great deal of trash.  This trash comes in the form of adhesions, scar tissues, strained muscles, sprained ligaments, sharp pains, dull aches, restricted range of motion and all the other "OW!" sensations.

Your body has the ability to get rid of some of this trash on it's own.  You have the ability to get rid of some of the trash yourself by regularly exercising, stretching, meditating, sleeping enough and just plane old breathing deeply.

You never quite seem to get rid of all the trash you accumulate no matter how hard you try.  That is where a great massage comes in.  While I mostly provide deep tissue and sports massage in the Orlando area, I can also offer massages that are firm in pressure which will not push you to your limits, but rather help flush and reset your body to a more neutral level.  This is essentially a mild version of a good deep tissue massage.

If you are an athletic individual, you would benefit more from a firmer and more specific massage.  This can really help take out the trash in your body.

So the next time it's garbage day, take a cue from the little kids out there and get excited.  The stinky trash is going away!

Whatever your budget allows, whether it's 1 massage per week, 1 per month, or 1 per 6 months; do your best to help your body out by taking out the trash!

If you're in the Central Florida area and want to get some great deep tissue massage or sports massage for yourself or traveling team or performance company get in touch with me through the Contact page and set something up.

Have a Great Day!

-Michael Ames, LMT

Deep Tissue & Sports Massage Specialist