Communication: The Key to an Effective Deep Tissue Massage

Communication:  The key to an effective deep tissue massage

Many people call me for a deep tissue massage in the Orlando area.

Many times they tell me their previous experiences, which usually fall into 1 of 2 categories:

  1. I can’t find someone to go deep enough
  2. I want a deep tissue massage, but the last therapist hurt me so I’m nervous

As far as pressure, I have never had someone leave my table saying they wish they could have gotten more pressure.

When it comes to the deep tissue massage not hurting, that is something I can offer as well.  There are a few levels of “hurt” and my goal is never to bring you to experience sharp pain that makes you hold your breath and tense up.  The goal of a deep tissue massage is to relieve your pain and also help you attain the “good hurt” feeling associated with a great deep tissue or sports massage.

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Sports Massage for your Child Athlete: What to expect

Many parents are seeking out deep tissue and sports massage for their children.  They have seen the benefits in their own bodies and want their children to experience the same benefits for themselves.

Many people think children are immune from tight muscles and scar tissue build up.  Why do they think this?  Because children are invincible, right???

Children, especially children athletes, experience all the aches and pains their adult counterparts do.  Over training, lack of rest, lack of stretching, all combined with explosive movements can cause the most resilient child athlete to injure themselves.

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Deep Tissue or Sports Massage: Which one do you really want?

You may find yourself asking for a specific type of massage, but it may not be the one you really want.

Many people are referred to my because they are in pain.  They no longer want to be in pain so they are seeking out alternative therapies to pain killers and just "dealing with it."  When they call, they often use a common buzz word associated with pain relief...Sports Massage.

The common association with Sports Massage is one of pain relief or deep tissue massage.  At my practice in the Orlando area, I provide Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage and several other specific types of massage.  Each one has a completely different effect on the body.

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